sQare Aurora Content Delivery Hub

General information

Product: sQare Aurora CDH

Product type: sQare middleware for Aurora

Integrator: PubliQare

Product information

sQare Aurora CDH allows you to publish any digital output type to any channel with Content Station Aurora. CDH is a middleware platform built by PubliQare to maximise the potential of Content Station in delivering multi-channel output.

The concept of the Aurora CDH is based on content creation in the digital editor and publication to any type of channel, for example Drupal, Wordpress, any other web CMS that allows for import functionality, standard XML channels such as PubMed or NewsML-based channels such as Blendle or ANP.

The CDH configuration is completely done in the back-end, so the user will only choose the publication channel from the "Publish" button in Content Station.

Because of the structure of the Content Station digital editor, even generating highly structured XML output has become an easy task. Implementing your own DTD structure will typically take anywhere between and 2 and 5 days. The CDH will "strip" the content and create an XML package with all the selected content.

The Content Station digital editor can be easily customised in the front-end by adding custom components. This is a standard feature of the digital editor and allows enforcement of discipline for specific input types, or integration with third-party products such as formula editors.

The installation of the CDH is done server-side. Clients can use the standard available channels from PubliQare or use the CDH to build their own channels for use with Content Station.


• Middleware platform for Aurora • Any output type: HTML, XML, etc. • XSLT/DTD integration in 2-5 days (average) • Standard integrations available: NewsML, PubMed, Drupal, Wordpress, ANP • Makes full use of Content Stations capabilities

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