sQare Print to Digital

General information

Product: sQare Print to Digital

Product type: sQare plugins

Integrator: PubliQare

Product information

Content Station allows you to create a print article from a digital article. To do this the other way around requires using InDesign with Smart Connection. sQare Print to Digital makes it possible to create a digital article directly from Content Station.

Create a digital article from a print article, just as easy as you make a print article from a digital article. The Print to Digital plugin will offer you an extra menu option when right-clicking on an InCopy article in a dossier.

Selecting the option "Create digital article" will create a digital variant of the article in the dossier.

The digital article is ready to edit. You can add a component set for the digital article to define what it will look like exactly.

There are several options in the configuration of this plugin. For example how image boxes from InDesign are mapped to a digital article, or how different print style sets will look like in digital. The end result is a complete digital article in a few clicks, directly from Content Station!


• Create digital article from a print article • Directly from Content Station, no need to use Smart Connection • Style mapping • One click action

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