Elvis Portal

General Information

Product: Elvis Portal

Product type: 3rd party software

Integrator: Evolved Media

Product Information

Add on for custom websites  | Evolved Media developed the portal as an add on to Elvis and Enterprise to allow clients to directly publish content that is in Elvis to web sites, using flexible navigation based on Elvis queries. This allows clients to potentially benefit from new ways to monetise content or expose archives. Also build brand guide sites. The portal provides an admin tool to build bespoke site navigation for assets. To control access for public users separate to Elvis authentication.

Client site 50 Best. Drive by Elvis assets and workflows

The portals currently have two flavours. Firstly driven by an admin  tool to create structure as above. Secondly driven from a custom panel plugin on the Elvis client to use to publish adhoc folder structures directly from within Elvis. See below.

Client site publishing artist images
Elvis plugin driving publishing of images to portal.


Built on open source stack

Headless CMS technology

Capable to expand to full web CMS site with multiple data and content sources

Upcoming integration with ContentStation Aurora digital editor, to enable editorial focused content and more use cases such as Brand Guideline sites.

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