sQare Word importer to digital article

General information

Product: sQare Word importer

Product type: sQare plugins

Integrator: PubliQare

Product information

sQare Word importer to digital article allows Word documents to be ingested into Content Station, automatically creating a digital article with the Word content based on XML translation and style mapping.

Some of our clients have to deal with the fact that a number of their contributors still write in MS Word instead of in the native Content Station authoring tools. Or clients have structure Word content coming out of - for example - peer review systems. To make live easier for these clients, we have created the Word importer, that will automatically convert Word format to Content Station.

The Word document needs to conform to specific layout standard that needs to be configured up front. Once this is done, the author can start putting together other content, such as images or videos.

The Word document can be added to the dossier by uploading it as normal in a "New" state.

In the background, the sQare Word import to digital article automatically creates a digital article in Content Station with the matching styles. Now it's only a matter of adding the images, video or interactive content, and doing the final edit of the article.


• Import MS Word files • Convert MS Word file to Content Station article • Word XML conversion and style mapping • Background process, fully automated • Ease of use • Useful for external contributors, peer review exports

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