General information

Product: af.PDFCreator

Product type: 3rd-party Software

Integrator: A&F Computersysteme AG

Product information

Create variable PDFs  | PDFCreator is a tool, which allows you to view all PDFs, which are produced automatically by WoodWing Enterprise on an issue base. It will give you the freedom to create a PDF with various page combinations. On top you have the ability to get a publication overview with extended filter abilities than known.

ContentStation Aurora integration

PDFCreator is available as an App within ContentStation Aurora.

Publication overview

Enhanced Publication overview

Within PDFCreator you have the ability to view the pages of your current production filtered by Publication, Issue, Variant, Category, Status and Page range. You can also choose the zoom factor and the page view of the displayed pages.


Page selection

The page selection gives you the freedom to generate a PDF from the displayed pages in any combination.

PDFs can get watermarked
User can choose PDF name

After selecting the desired pages and optionally adding a watermark, the PDF can be saved to your local file system.


-       Browser based customizable

-       User administration based on WoodWing Enterprise Users (incl. licenses and user rights)

-       Based on WoodWing Enterprise standard functionalities

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