Collecting Enterprise Metadata depending from another metadata-field and routing the results to the client. 



General Information

Product: af.SubCategory

Product type: 3rd party development

Integrator: a&f systems ag

With af.SubCategory it is possible to select a set of data who depends from another metadata information. This dependency can be defined in the configuration of this Woodwing Server PlugIn. If you have for example a category tree with a lot of childs, with af.SubCategory you can reduce the selection to the associated childs.  But af.SubCategory cannot only be used for the classic category. It's possible to use it for any data who depends from another data. For example terms in different languages -> select language and you receive the terms in the selected language... and so on. The selected Subcategory can be stored into a field who is defined in the configuration. It's even possible to store it in a Enterprise-custom-field.

These dependencies can be defined for different scopes. They can be global, then they are valid for all brands and types or they can be defined for each brand and/or type.
With af.InDesignVars you can concatenate these two Extensions so that the selected value can be routet to InDesign.

af.SubCategory in the content station

In the content station the selected subcategories from "Sport" will be selectred and sent back to the content station, so that the user sees only the required subcategories.


- Selects hierarchical data depending from the parent data

- Routes the selection back to content station

- Scopedefinition: brand, type, general

- Definition of a standard value, when creating a new object

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