Elvis Trashcan

Evolved Media developed the trashcan plugin to enhance the existing delete process and help protect assets from accidental deletion. Also includes user based recovery tools. 


Elvis Trashcan

General Information

Product: Elvis Trashcan

Product type: 3rd party software

Integrator: Evolved Media

Product Information

Add on for user trashcan| Evolved Media developed the Trashcan plugin to allow users to be able to delete files and folders, but give a safety step just in case they accidentally selected and deleted the wrong files and folders. The Trashcan plugin for Elvis allows users to select files or folders and put them in the trashcan for potential deletion. There is also a recovery facility then to stop the individual users permanently deleting the files. The plugin logic allows Elvis admins to see the files in the trashcan and block deletion if required. It also allows the users or admins to return the files to the system if they were put in the trashcan accidentally.  Users can see files in their own trashcan individually, recover an individual file or files or an entire folder structure.

User has to Interact with a flip switch to ensure they know what they are doing.
Recovery facility where a user can review the files and folders they have deleted and select files and folders for recovery.


Plugin Panel for Elvis browser client

Back end logic for storing the trashcan data and user details.

Restore function.

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