Brixwire is a datahub. It's possible to receive different datastreams and send these streams to the defined targets.



General information

Product: af.BrixWire

Product type: 3rd-party Software

Integrator: a&f systems ag

Product information

Automated story in- and output | BrixWire is a data hub for everyone which is producing content, involving different sources like agencies, publishing systems (e.g. WoodWing Enterprise)  etc. and several targets like CMS, publishing systems (e.g. WoodWing Enterprise), DAM etc. BrixWire will allow you to collect all your needed contents from your sources, manage them and export them in a channel specific format to your target systems.


Story input

The story input is based on configurable plugins, which can be switched on dynamically. The plugins support the following types of inputs:

- Poll

-       Links

-       Push

-       Mail

The input plugins convert the incoming stories in to a neutral data format, which can serve all the output channels specifically.


The converter is in use to convert the incoming stories into a neutral XML and to convert the outgoing stories in to the desired format for the specific output channel. The goal is, to provide the ability to create the stories with the available tools, collect them and provide them to the several output channels in a channel specific format.

Manual process

BrixWire provides a story browser, which allows you to manage and enrich the incoming stories. Stories can be exported from here manually to all configured target systems.

Publish automatically

Alternatively, there is also an automatic output without any manual intervention available.

Output PlugIns

The output plugins convert the neutral XML into the target channel specific format.

ContentStation Aurora integration

BrixWire is available as an App within ContentStation Aurora


-       Browser based HTML 5 application

-       Multilingual

-       User administration (LDAP/AD/Built in)

-       Plugin based

-      Monitoring

-       Load balancing and Cluster

-       Scheduler

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