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The ComponentMappingReport plugin will help to quickly show differences in mapping between conversion rules which can be a time saver while setting up the ConversionRules. The added copy-to-brand functionality can help to setup a template brand and mapping and copy from there to other brands.



General Information

Product: af.ComponentMappingReport

Product type: 3rd-party Software

Integrator: a&f systems ag

Developer: GloveLike

Manage the mapping for Digital to Print more easly and faster

ComponentMappingReport helps you to manage the component conversion roules from digital to Print. It gives you a better overview and the possibility to copy a complete set of rules form one brand to another. 

This plugin helps Administrators and users with good knowledge to setup and configure the relation of components between the digital and print structure.
With this plugin you can detect easy differences in the setup and you receive a good overview about the configuration. ComponentMappingReport shows you directly all mappings for a specific brand, print template and component-set side–by-side. 

Overview of the existing mapping definitions
Overview of the existing mapping definitions

When you have got more Brands to administrate then some customers are using one ‘global’ component set for all Brands in their organisation. The digital styling of each brand is then arranged via Custom Styling in the digital editor. Also the print styles and templates are setup per brand but to make all of this work the names of the paragraph- and character styles will be the same over the brands.

Based on that concept, it is possible to copy Component-Mappings from one brand to another brand. This is an option which is not available in the standard WoodWing product.


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