For WoodWing Studio By a&f systems ag, Glovelike integration into Woodwing Studio.


General Information

Product type: 3rd-party-Software

Integrator: a&f systems ag

Developer: a&f systems ag, Glovelike

Integration which helps to organize and enhance the team work

Enhance your team productivity with the integration. Improve teamwork in your organisation with The planning platform is a solution that can be scaled to any company or department size to organise and manage projects and processes of all kinds intuitively, transparently, centrally and efficiently.

With you can:

- Break down projects and processes into phases, milestones and action items.
- Identify deadlines and responsibilities at a glance.
- Store files and conversations centrally and make them accessible to everyone when needed.
- As a manager, have the dashboard display the metrics and information they need for an overall view.

With the, can be ideally combined with WoodWing Studio. With the simple transition from topic planning (content planning) in to production in WoodWing Studio, both digital-first and print-first or print-only approaches are possible.
This means:

- Central planning instead of detached planning documents such as Excel files
- Integrated planning with direct access to the production system
- Simple handling and direct synchronisation


Currently, the interface is based on as the leading system. This means that issues, dossiers and articles are defined in and based on these definitions created in autmatically in  WoodWing Studio.
Do you want WoodWing to be the leading system or do you prefer a two-way variant? We would be happy to implement that for you as well.

-- In, select the template with which the article (media-neutral or print) is to be created in WoodWing.
-- Take over any meta data like deadline or object number
-- Assign the "assignee”
-- Keep track of the workflow thanks to the display of the respective WoodWing object status in

Selection of the templates
Selection of the templates
Transfer of the metadata
Transfer of the metadata
Overview status
Overview status

The which are defined in Woodwing Studio are reflected directly into Furthermore the livecicle of an article is showed in In it is visible if an article has been deleted or even restored.

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