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Template Update and Laundry Process



General Information

Product: af.TULP

Product type: InDesign Scripts

Integrator: a&f systems ag

Template Update and Laundry Process

In a update- or migration-process of Woodwing, you will always find yourself in the situation that you have to take over the InDesign templates. In this process, it also makes sense to clean the templates of unnecessary information and transfer the templates into the new environment. TULP helps you to make this work in an easy an efficient way.

Due to the fact, that the support-window for the php-versions (for each branch) now has a duration of 2 years  starting from the first stable release, the update and maintain processes of the system must be done more often than in the past. In this context it makes sense to take care to the InDesign – Template documents too.
With TULP you can migrate or update the InDesign-Templates  in a very efficient way. 


1. Connect with SmartConnection into the old system, select the brand and issue where the templates are stored and the destination folder. Start the process and that’s all.

TULP goes and collects all the required templates and the metadata and put the files into the destination folder.

Export dialog in TULP


After this you can connect into the new system and call the import-part of TULP. Then select the Folder where the exported files are. There you can define some special layers (default working, advertisment layer and Layout Module Template) and suffix to label the new templates. Starting the import the templates will be imported and placed into the correct context referred by the initially exported metadata.

Import dialog in TULP


With TULP it’s even possible to rename the existing templates in a system. Renaming in this context means, you can add or delete some suffixes for all or only for a subset of templates.

The renaming dialog in TuLP

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