sQare Object Producer

sQare Object Producer


sQare Object Producer

General information

Product: sQare Object Producer

Product type: sQare applications

Integrator: PubliQare

Product information

sQare Object Producer allows Content Station users to easily create new issues and prepare basic content such as dossiers, layouts, print articles and or digital articles. Al based on predefined sets of dossiers with data.

From within Content Station Aurora, a user can create new issues and create dossiers containing layouts and articles. The solution is based on dossiers and actual layouts (not layout templates).

While creating new issues, a naming convention can be enforced, keeping the structure consistent. Marking an issue as the "current" issue, is one of the available options, eliminating the need to access the Enterprise back-office.

Dossiers can be marked for creation multiple times, so multiple instances of a source dossier can be created at in one go. sQare Object Producer supports different object types, so dossiers containing layouts, print (WCML) and digital articles and images or tasks are possible to process.

To support structures that occur on a regular basis, presets functionality is available that can store predefined sets of dossiers and their content.

Re-use of content within or between brands is also possible, by choosing the required brand and issue. This allows users to easily re-use entire productions in related publications or channels.


• Create new issue
• Mark issue as "Current"
• Enforce naming convention for new issues
• Layout-based, not template-based
• Selection based on a dossier
• Supports dossiers, layouts, articles, tasks, images, etc.
• No need for designer actions in InDesign
• Simple interface
• Integrated in Content Station

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