With af.ArticleXporter you are able to export Wodwing articles with all linked assets to different targets. The exportformat bases on XML and can be transformed into each desired format.



General information

Product: af.ArticleXporter

Product type: 3rd-party-Software

Integrator: a&f systems ag

High customizable Woodwing article exporter

af.ArticleXporter is a status (or Metadata), URL-call or manually driven Woodwing-article XML-Exporter. The export format of af.ArticleXporter is XML and can be transformed via XSLT or PHP Extensions into all other desired formats. af.ArticleXporter is able to provide images, layouts, PDF and all other used media formats. With processing chain, different other systems can be supplied (huGO, TYPO3, Drupal, Wordpress, ...)

af.ArticleXporter is highly configurable and allows to modify articles with XSLT, PHP such as insert, replace or delete some pieces of data . With af.ArticleXporter it's possible to get extensive metadata for articles, layouts, dossiers and images like placement informations, geometric informations and so on.

Moreover it's possible to reorder the article components, search and replace character styles or paragraph formats.

A possible system integration of ArticleXporter with ImageOptimizer

The different PHP-Modules in ArticleXporter gives a high flexibility to deliver datas to different receivers.


- Export trigger: Metadata (article, layout or dossier related metadata), URL-call, manually

- Data formats: XML, Images, Layouts, PDF's, ....

- Integration of objects with metadata into the export (objects: images, movies, layouts...)

- Data transfer (ftp, ..)

- Changing, replacing character styles or paragraph formats

- Grouping, merging, sorting, filtering etc. of articles

- Processing chain with modules (XSLT or PHP) or external programs 

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