Masterpages gives you the possibility to clone pages from the master-edition to the child-editions and manage the mutations.



General Information

Product: af.Masterpages

Product type: 3rd party development

Integrator: a&f systems ag

Masterpages & Process Management System

Masterpages handles the heredity of pages with their child-pages and all the following update processes.

Masterpages is a Woodwing extension who manages the heredity of a page (masterpage) to different child-pages in other editions (regional edition etc.). Starting from a page planning system where you can define the heredity of the affected pages, the extension builds up the whole structure in Enterprise. In each affected child-edition the page can be planned on a different position.

During the first checkin-process the page will be copied - driven by a status - to the required child editions and all headers, styles, fonts etc. will be adapted automatically to the definition of the child-edition settings. Changes on articles or images can be affected to a subselection of editions who were inherited. This gives the possibility to spread automatically contents into different editions and also to create some different content of these inherited pages.

Integration of Masterpages in InDesign

In InDesign the integrated masterpage-menu
After command to inherit, a selection dialog appears to select the desired child edition where the inherit command should work


- Getting page-dependencies of the different editions from page planning system

- Automatic cloning of the child-pages driven by meta-data

- Automatic adjustment of colors, titles, styles...

- Mutation of child-pages remains possible

- Mutation of articles (text changes, changes of images) can be inherited to a selection of child- pages

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