InDesignVars gives you the possibility to route the desired dataelements directly to SmartConnection.  So you can pick up the data in SmartConnection.



Create your custom data element in Enterprise and bring it directly via SmartConnection into your layout.

Product: af.InDesignVars

Product type: WW-Enterprise PlugIn, InDesign JavaScripts

Integrator: a&f systems ag

With InDesignVars you can define your own data element in Enterprise and feed these data to the SmartConnection Client. So you can set these data directly into your layout. Before sending the data to SmartConnection, it's possible to transform or to process the data according implemented logical rules. The rules can be simple like converting and/or mapping, but even complex when methods have to be implemented. In this case InDesignVars can be interpreted as a Framework where  the logic has to be placed.
The scope of reachable data in Enterprise is defined by the layout-data and layout-metadata. Starting from this point the required Enterprise data can be collected.

Integration of InDesignVars in InDesign

How to select the provided information in InDesign


- Feeding Enterprise data and Enterprise custom-metadata based on the layout-data and layout-metadata

- Mutation of data (mapping, converting, string-operations, complex methods etc.) depending on other data values and/or defined rules.

- The result is always a string. The result can be injected into the InDesign document.

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